PayMaple provides software and services to businesses to facilitate their processing and collection of consumer payment transactions.  This privacy policy (“Policy”) applies to our website,, the visitors to and users of that site, and our Customers when they are using the site.  The businesses that have contracted with us to use our services are referred to in this Policy as “Customers.”   Use of information that we collect from visitors to our website and our Customers is described in this Policy.

Information We Collect

We collect information when a person or a Customer provides it to us and/or when a person visits, uses or navigates our website.  Visitors are free to navigate our website without providing us with any personal information, although we collect information without its being affirmatively provided to us – see Log Files and Cookies That Collect Information Autonomously.  If a business wants to use our services, it will need to satisfy certain requirements we and our service providers have set, create an account, agree to our terms and conditions, and provide certain information to us.  In the course of our relationships with Customers we collect additional information through other channels, including other websites or nonpublic subpages on our website that are available only to Customers; those are not covered by this Policy.

We collect the following information from potential Customers through this website: legal name of the business, legal type of the business (e.g., limited liability company, corporation, sole proprietor), any assumed name (d/b/a) it uses, its physical address, phone, and primary contact person, its website’s URL, a contact email, tax id, and the date the business was established.  We also ask for personal information, including the name and title of the owner or an officer, that person’s % ownership in the business, their home address and home phone, and their date of birth and social security number.

If you want more information about PayMaple and its services or otherwise want to communicate with us, you can provide us with the information we have requested under the “Contact” tab on the website.  We will use the information you provide to handle your request and, if necessary, respond to it.

Our Customers collect information from their customers, generally consumers, and that is governed by the Customer’s privacy policy.  We do not control what information our Customers decide to collect from consumers or how they use it.  To use our software and services, our Customers may transmit personal information they have collected to us.

We use one or more third parties in the course of providing our services.  Personal information that we collect from Customers and that Customers transmit to us in the course of using our software and services is transmitted to or accessible by one or more of these third parties.  See How We Use The Information We Collect and the privacy policy of the Customer who has collected your personal information to understand how they use and handle your information.

Some of the personal information that our Customers collect may be stored on servers that we own or control.  We do not use the information except as described in this Policy.  It can also be accessed by the Customer that collected the information for their use, which would be described in their privacy policy.

This Policy describes our data collection, use and storage for our business which is based in the United States, as are our Customers.  We do not solicit Customers located outside the United States.

Log Files and Cookies That Collect Information Autonomously

“Cookies” refer to software code that is placed on your phone, computer or other device in the course of your visiting, using or navigating our website (and websites generally), and when you upload or download information.  We, and/or third parties that provide us with website analytics and other services, use cookies and other technologies to track how visitors to our website use and navigate the site and in some cases the particular pages and products or services that they view.

The information collected automatically from your phone, computer or other device may include information about the browser, device and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you use, the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses involved in your connection to the website, the URL you were at before coming to our website, details about your visit (e.g., what you view, how long you view it or what you click on), your location, and date and time. We and our third party service providers may access and collect this information when it is available even though you have not affirmatively provided it to us.

We and our third party service providers use this information to administer the website, and we may use it to analyze how visitors navigate the website, to provide users with more relevant content, to improve the usability, functionality and content of our website, and also to provide technical and customer service. Some of this information is anonymized and is not personally identifiable to you by us.  We and our third party service providers may correlate some information to our users and/or our Customers and use it in the ways we describe in this Policy.

The information is stored on servers that we or our third party service providers maintain.

Tracking Options and Do Not Track Disclosures

You  can block cookies by setting Internet browser settings to stop accepting new cookies, to receive notice when a new cookie is received, to disable existing cookies, and to omit images (which will disable pixel tags).   More detailed information about cookie management with specific web browsers can be found at the browsers’ respective websites. Blocking or disabling cookies may affect the functionality of our website.  The website may not respond to Do Not Track requests or headers from some or all browsers.

How We Use The Information We Collect

We use the information that we collect or that a Customer provides to us, to provide our software and services to our Customers.  We share it with our third party service providers (e.g. the bank that processes payments on behalf of Customers) who are involved in the provision of those services.  We also use information to communicate with our Customers and to facilitate their handling of certain financial and administrative functions.  Our Customers maintain personal information they have collected based on the needs of their businesses, what their service providers may require, and applicable law; please refer to the privacy policy of the Customer who collected your information for their specific practices.  We retain information we have collected from Customers that we need to provide our services, fulfill our contractual obligations and as we otherwise may need it in the operation of our business.  We also retain Customer information as needed to comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, and the retention and regulatory requirements of our service providers.

If you are not a Customer and have communicated with us through the website about our software and/or services, we may add your information to our email list and send you marketing and promotional communications about PayMaple, our platform, and products and services that may be of interest to you. We also use our Customers’ information to provide Customers with marketing and promotional communications.

For billing, record keeping, legal, compliance and auditing purposes, and to comply with our Customers’ and our third party service providers’ retention policies, we may retain and use the information we have collected or our Customers have collected and transmitted to us, after we have responded to a request, provided the services requested, and/or a Customer has closed its account or we are no longer providing the Customer with our software or services.

To the extent that we have information we have collected from a Customer that we do not require for the use of our services, the Customer may ask that we not retain that information – see Opting Out below.   If you are a consumer and you have provided information to one of our Customers, refer to their privacy policy if you want to change how they communicate with you or the information related to you that they retain.

Third Party Access To Your Information

As described above, we share information that we and our Customers collect with third parties that we use in the course of providing the software and services we offer.

In some cases, your information may be aggregated with other information in a way that does not include any information that would be individually identifiable to you or to a specific Customer.  We and/or the third parties we contract with may use this

information to administer the website, to analyze how visitors navigate the website, to provide visitors with more relevant content, to improve the usability, functionality and content of our website, to provide customer service, to otherwise provide technical or customer support for the website, and to prevent fraud or misuse of our website.

We may also use personal information to provide our Customers with analyses of transactions and other components of the services we offer.

We use third parties to host and administer our website and in the course of the work they do for us, these third parties may access your information.

If a third party were to purchase us or merge our company with theirs, or in the course of negotiating a purchase or merger of our business, we may need to disclose personal information we have collected and/or which is in our possession, to the purchaser or prospective purchaser and to transfer your information to the purchaser if such a purchase or merger is concluded.  You consent to such disclosure and transfer.

If we are required by law, legal process or in response to requests from law enforcement or from a third party that is involved in the software or services we provide, or if in our sole determination it is necessary for the protection of our interests or the interests of one or more of our Customers or service providers, we reserve the right to use and disclose any information we have collected.

Except as described in this Policy, we do not sell or otherwise share personal information with third parties.

Links To Other Websites

We may include links on our website to websites that are not affiliated with us, do not provide us with products or services to related to our business, or are not involved in our website administration.

These links are solely for your information and we have no responsibility for the content or information collection policies of the persons or entities that operate those sites.

Opting Out

Customers can indicate or change their communication preferences in their account settings.  They can also “unsubscribe” from our communications that are not required for maintaining an account, by using that feature in communications where it is included. Individuals who are not Customers and whose information has been collected by one of our Customers, should contact that entity to change his/her/their communication preferences or to opt out.

Online Privacy Policy Only

This Policy applies only to our website and the information we collect through our website. It does not apply to any information collected offline, through nonpublic pages on our website or subpages available to Customers, or via channels other than our website, unless expressly indicated above.  It also does not apply to information collected from Customers who, after they have contracted for our software or services, are logged in to their account and/or are using our software and services.


By creating an account, communicating with us or by visiting our website, you agree to our collecting information and using it as we’ve described in this Policy.  Subject to the terms and conditions our Customers agree to, and information that our third party service providers require in the course of our providing our software and services, you can always change your mind and you may have other rights that relate to your information that we have collected that is in our possession as described in this Policy.

Storing Your Personal Information

We store the information we collect as long as we determine it is reasonably necessary for the purposes described in this Policy, taking in to consideration what you have indicated as your preferences related to receiving communications from us.  We will not delete any stored information we are legally required to keep for a longer period by applicable U.S. law or our Customers’ or third party services providers’ retention requirements.  When information is aggregated and can no longer be associated with you personally, it may be included in data that we or our Customers or service providers retain and use indefinitely.  We do not control the data storage or retention policies and practices of our Customers and the third parties we use in the course of providing services.

Keeping Your Information Safe

We use one or more third parties to administer and host our website and transmit and store Customer data, and they are obligated to use industry standard protocols and software to reduce the risk of loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse of information that we have collected. However, no data is 100% secure, and we are not able to provide any assurances that the information that we collect and/or our third party service providers store will be secure or that it will not be subject to loss, unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Our Users

Our website is intended for businesses run by people 18 years or older who are U.S. residents.  We do not intend for our website to be used by anyone under the age of 18.

Updates and Revisions to this Policy

We may change or update this Policy from time to time.  We encourage you to check for updates.

How To Contact Us

if you have any questions, comments, or complaints about this Policy or if you believe that we have collected information in a way that you did not intend, please email us at or write us at: 21660 W Field Pkway, Barrington, IL 60010.

If you want to change the information that you receive from us or the consents you have previously given us, see Opting Out above.

Notice To California Residents

California law gives California residents the right to request certain information relating to what we have collected (and are storing) from them.  If you are a California resident and would like to request the information as described in California Civil Code Section 1798.83, please send us a written request (see How to Contact Us, above).